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Plough Pose

Performing the Yoga Plough pose requires you to harmoniously use the flexibility and muscle tone developed with other yoga poses, such as the shoulder stand. Practice will allow you to go in and out of this pose with ease and grace.

From the shoulder stand slowly lower your feet to the floor above your head. The legs should be kept extended at all times and the position of the spinal column should be perpendicular to the floor. Once the toes are stuck to the floor continue to raise your lower back and pelvis towards the ceiling.


The neck and head position are also important. Try to keep your neck relaxed and your muscles soft. Pressing the chin away from your chest will help you achieve this easier. Press your arms down on the floor to give you the support you need to hold the pose. Your hands should keep pressing your lower back area towards the ceiling.

You can bring a variation of this pose by releasing your lower back and moving your hands opposite to the legs, on the floor. Press your palms and lower arm region on the floor as you attempt to have your thighs go as high towards the ceiling as possible.

Exit the pose by bringing the arms to your lower back region and roll out of the pose while exhaling.






Relaxation Mediation

This remarkably easy and relaxing meditation makes use of a little-known secret about the eyes. Allowing the eyes to rest in a soft downward gaze has an instant, automatic relaxing effect.  Relaxation meditation provides a great deal of stress reduction and can be used as a quick 2 minute relax and refresh break almost anywhere.  Read More.







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