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Hatha Yoga

Many people today think of Hatha Yoga when the word yoga is mentioned.  This is not the complete picture of
yoga, though. Hatha Yoga is physical yoga.

It is encompasses the physical exercises that generally accompany the spiritual aspects of the traditional forms of yoga.

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Perhaps this misconception comes from the fact that most western yoga is based on Hatha Yoga.  Much of the
spirituality and discipline of the traditional forms of yoga has disappeared from the western yoga.

This is not to say that you can't find traditional yoga in the west,but rather that much of the yoga commonly seen orheard of in the west is more physical and less spiritual.

Hatha Yoga is predominantly meant to prepare the body for the spiritual path.  The body is treated as a temple for the Spirit in yoga.

Its believed that in order for the body to eventually host the Guest it must be asimpeccably maintained as is

And as such, Hatha Yoga puts great emphasis on keeping the body in excellent condition through asanas and a positive mental state.

Asanas means comfortable, stable pose.  They are exercises that are designed to promote flexibility, physical comfort and enhance both physical and mental energy.

These postures should not be confused with more common exercises which are designed to help strengthen and
develop muscles.  That is not their point.They were designed to promote ultimate health and balance in the core of your body, the organs, nervous system, circulatory system and mind.

Hatha Yoga is basically the foundation of all forms of yoga.  It is, essentially, the basis for which you will develop your spiritual connection on.  After many years of dedicated meditation you may experience the awakening of your kundalini, or dormant spiritual power.

But this awakening can only occur if the yogi has reached an advanced stage of spiritual development, and as mentioned before, that requires years of dedicated meditation.

Whether you practice Hatha Yoga alone or in conjunction with other forms of yoga, there are benefits to be had, both physically and mentally.

Plough Pose

Performing the Yoga Plough pose requires you to harmoniously use the flexibility and muscle tone developed with other yoga poses, such as the shoulder stand..  Read More.







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