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Fish Pose

The fish pose is the natural successor of the shoulder stand and it is recommended that you practice it as a counter pose to the stand. The pose implies a compression of the spine and neck as opposed to the stretch obtained while in the shoulder stand or Bridge and Plough poses.

There are several benefits of the fish pose. First of all, it helps you expand your chest cavity, allowing your lungs to breathe more air and to become better accustomed to deep breathing techniques. The neck muscles and nerves also become stronger and more responsive while the spine increases its flexibility.

Begin the pose by laying on your back with your legs straight and close together. Start with your back straight and parallel to the floor. The position of your arms is also important: they should be straight, with your hands positioned under your thighs.
It is time to go into the pose. Press your elbows down on the floor and arch your back. Take a deep breath as you are doing this. Keeping the weight of your body on your elbows, move your head backwards until it reaches the floor. Exhale while holding the fish pose. Relax your legs and allow your chest to expand while taking in a long breath. In order to come out of the pose try to slowly lift your head and only then release pressure from your elbows.


Relaxation Mediation

This remarkably easy and relaxing meditation makes use of a little-known secret about the eyes. Allowing the eyes to rest in a soft downward gaze has an instant, automatic relaxing effect.  Relaxation meditation provides a great deal of stress reduction and can be used as a quick 2 minute relax and refresh break almost anywhere. 


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